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We recognize when one person takes the time to call us with a question, there likely are many other Weiman customers who share the same inquiry. Whether it's how to use one of our products or the best ideas for care of appliances, surfaces, wood, leather, electronics or metals, our frequently asked questions is another valuable way to get the answer you need.

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Weiman Product Frequently Asked Questions
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Glass Cook Top Cleaner & Polish


How do I clean my Glass/Ceramic Cook Top Range?

  • Always allow surface to cool before cleaning

  • Use products, like Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner, that are non-abrasive and will not scratch

  • For light-to-normal soil, use Weiman Cook Top Daily Cleaner trigger spray or Weiman Cook Top Wipes to clean daily or after each use

  • Clean the cook top frequently with Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner to ensure a protective coating is applied, preventing resoiling and scratching

  • For a deeper cleaning or to remove heavily burned on foods, apply a small amount of Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner to the cool, soiled area. Rub with a Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pad, then buff clean with a paper towel to shine

  • Never use harsh cleansers or abrasive pads like steel wool that will damage and dull the delicate cook top surface

  • Clean up spills immediately – especially those that contain sugar because foods with high sugar content with penetrate the surface

  • Do not allow residue to solidify on the surface

  • Place only flat, smooth-bottomed items on the cook top to avoid scratching

How do I shine my dull Cook Top?

Glass/ceramic smooth top ranges, or cook tops, are easy to care for with the right products and regular maintenance. All major cook top manufacturers recommend Weiman Cook Top Cleaners because they clean without scratching and leave the surface beautifully shiny. Common household cleaners can scratch your range, making it look dull and damaged. Weiman Cook Top Cleaners will not scratch and leave a protective layer that keeps your cook top looking new and sparkling clean, year after year.

Should I use Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner on a conventional gas range?

No. Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner has gentle abrasives that are tested and safe for glass/ceramic smooth top ranges but may not be compatible with conventional range top surfaces. To clean conventional gas ranges, use Weiman Gas Range Cleaner & Degreaser.

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Cook Top Daily Cleaner Spray

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Complete Cook Top Cleaning Kit

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