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Glass Cleaner

Weiman® Professional Glass Cleaner is excellent for cleaning all glass surfaces. It quickly dissolves fingerprints, smudges, dust, and dirt while leaving glass and mirrors with a brilliant shine. This fast-acting formula does not streak and will not leave any residue.

After each use, Weiman Professional Glass Cleaner coats glass surfaces with an invisible protective barrier, making them less susceptible to visual marks and easier to clean in the future.

Why Choose Weiman for Glass?

Our specially designed formula is perfect for a crystal-clear glass finish. Our cleaner foams on contact and will never drip down the surface. It's accurate and effective. What more could you want? Click on "Where to Buy" below to find Weiman Glass Cleaner near you.



Do Weiman aerosols contain CFC’s?

What People Say

Weiman Glass Cleaner works great on auto glass. I have tinted windows and this product gets them totally clean and streak-free. It even removed some stubborn marks caused by the windshield wipers.

- Barry,  Arizona

Usage Tip

Use regularly indoors and outdoors. The no-drip formula is especially convenient for cleaning car windows and framed windows and mirrors.

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