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Granite Cleaner & Polish Spray

Granite and stone surface countertops add natural beauty and luster to any room; however, maintaining them requires special attention and care. It’s important to use specially formulated products to ensure your granite surface remains shiny, smooth and beautiful over time. Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish safely removes grease, grime and surface stains while visibly reducing surface scratches. It reverses dullness, revealing natural colors and veining.

When used regularly, Weiman® Granite Cleaner & Polish cleans, brightens and shines granite, marble, stone surfaces and all countertops including Corian® and Formica®. It's versatility and effectiveness, make it a must-have in any home.

* Kosher Certified



Can I buy Weiman products directly from your website? Do any Weiman products contain gluten? How do I obtain ingredients for a particular Weiman product?

What People Say

We bought a new Ryland home 4 years ago with a BLACK sink. It was a nightmare to clean, and keep looking new. I went through so many products that ended up in the trash. They all left a film on this black sink. Then I got Weiman granite cleaner and polish. It was the answer. Thank you so much.

- Mary Todd,  Florida

Usage Tip

Stone countertops should be sealed every 6-12 months, or when water droplets no longer bead up on the surface. For professional-strength sealing that you can do yourself, use Weiman Granite & Stone Sealer.

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