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Wax-Away Candle Wax Remover

Nothing says romance, festivity and home like a glowing candle. Unfortunately, where there’s a candle, there are wax drips and spills that often leave marks on carpets, tablecloths and furniture.

Weiman® Wax Away® Candle Wax Remover is the safest and most effective solution to gently remove candle wax from furniture, carpet, countertops, candlestick holders, decorative accessories, tablecloths, rugs and most household fabrics (only use on fabrics marked “W” or “WS”). It’s also safe for wood, plastic-coated and painted surfaces.

So whenever you have a wax dilemma, reach for Weiman® Wax Away for fast and easy wax removal.

Be sure to read the directions carefully to understand how to safely remove wax .

* Kosher Certified



Is Weiman Wax Away safe to use on carpet, furniture and tablecloths?

What People Say

I discovered several days after a party that my favorite dark burgundy velvet skirt had a hardened stripe of candle wax along the bottom hem. To my amazement, after scraping off the residue, I was able to remove ALL of the wax stain (and none of the color from the fabric) with Weiman's candle was remover liquid. It saves dry cleaning bills and really works!

- Tamara Hill,  California

Usage Tip

For stubborn wax that just won't budge, try carefully scraping the dried wax with a razor scraper at a 45 degree angle. Use this as a last resort and use caution not to scratch the original surface.

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