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Furniture Cream with Lemon Oil

Weiman® Furniture Cream with Lemon Oil protects wood finishes from drying, checking, fading and discoloring. It gently cleanses away harmful dust, dirt, grime and damaging smoke residue.  Gently cleans, moisturizes and nourishes wood, bringing out the deep glow and lustrous beauty of natural wood grain.

The furniture cream contains all natural oils - including lemon and avocado. It also contains UVX-15 Sunscreen, which protects wood from the damaging effects of direct and indirect sunlight. This non-toxic formula is safe to use and does not contain any solvents, harsh chemicals, silicone or wax. With Weiman, there is never residue or build-up.

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What People Say

Your Furniture Cream revived an antique dining room set that my parents passed down to me after my wedding. I never thought the wood could look so beautiful and, well, stunning. The antique furniture was totaly restored and brought back to life, thanks to Weiman Furniture Cream. I couldn't believe the great results from this product.

- Wade,  Nebraska

Usage Tip

Use Weiman® Furniture Cream with Lemon Oil to bring antique wood furniture back to life. Excellent for all types of wood furniture including tables, chairs, office/bedroom furniture, cabinets, panels, doors and trim. Do not use this product on floors.

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