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Lemon Oil Furniture Polish

For centuries, pure lemon oil has been prized for the superb way it cleans, shines, and prevents fine wood finishes from drying out. Weiman® Lemon Oil Furniture Polish contains only the purest of oils.

While providing a glorious sheen for all woods, Weiman® Lemon Oil is especially recommended for teak, oak, Scandinavian and other low lustre finishes.

It's never greasy, and it will never show fingerprints. Weiman furniture polish helps clean, moisturize and preserve your fine furniture with the natural fragrance of fresh lemons.

And because sunlight’s ultraviolet rays can cause wood finishes to fade and crack, Weiman® Lemon Oil is formulated with UVX-15 Sunscreen to guard your furniture against direct and indirect sunlight damage. Weiman® is the only leading brand of lemon oil furniture polish on the market with a sunscreen.

As with all Weiman® wood care products, Weiman® Lemon Oil contains NO Silicones or Waxes, so when used as directed there is never any buildup. Weiman® Lemon Oil is non-toxic, biodegradable and its packaging is recyclable.

* Kosher Certified



Is Weiman Furniture Polish ok to use on wood cabinets and panels?

What People Say

My sister in law let me borrow her lemon oil for my mother's kitchen cabinet. Her cabinets were dried out. I cleaned them and put your lemon oil on her cabinets. They look new. I love your product; I will try one of your store listed. Thanks again, it works great!

- Mary,  Ohio

Usage Tip

Weiman Lemon Oil is the trusted furniture polish and has been used for many generations by antiques collectors, museums, furniture restorers and expert craftsmen.

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