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Weiman® Products has been helping families clean and polish their homes for decades. We make sure to provide you with the best household cleaning products. With a variety of products ranging from Countertop Cleaners to Leather Cleaners and top ratings from major manufacturers, magazines, and consumer reports it is no wonder our customers have a lot to say. Make sure to read our cleaning products reviews to hear what other people have to say! Learn about how Weiman® has improved the lives of so many families.

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I was wondering how to clean a smooth top range and then I found Weiman Cook Top Cleaner. I use it several times a day to clean my cook top range and will never look back! Thank you for providing the perfect solution for how to clean a cooktop!


I have been using your smoothtop cleaner for maybe 10 years or so. I am on my second smoothtop range which is about 3 years old now, and we gave the first smoothtop range to my parents and both range tops look like new. I have also found that your smoothtop cleaner works well when cleaning the inside glass of the oven door.


I have been using your glass cook top stove cleaner since I bought my stove five years ago. I recently tried another brand of glass cook top cleaner because it was in a spray bottle that I thought might be more convenient. I had to let the "other" brand sit on the cooked on gunk, and my husband couldn't even remove the gunk with a little elbow grease. I just purchased more Weiman cleaner and it removed the gunk with tremendous ease. The "other" brand doesn't compare in any way to your product. Thanks for your wonderful cleaner. You have a faithful customer in me.


I'd like to praise you are absolutely fantastic Weiman glass cooktop cleaner. I've been using your product for quite some time and decided to try it on my expensive porcelain kitchen sink. It had a number of marks on it from aluminum and iron skillets. I had tried repeatedly to rub them out using substantial elbow grease using products like "Bon Ami"& "Bartender's Friend" with no luck. Anyway I had ran out of nonabrasive cleanser and decided to use your product that I normally use on my glass cooktop stove. And to my surprise it removed all of the aluminum and cast-iron marks on my porcelain sink! I couldn't believe the difference it made! It made it look brand-new again!


My kitchen windows always get a greasy film on them which is very difficult to remove completely. I have used and loved the Weiman cooktop paste ever since I bought a cooktop stove and thought "I wonder if this would work on my windows?" I put a little bit on a damp paper towel and tried it. WOW! After a light polishing with a towel, no streaks, no film, just beautiful glass. Much better and easier than the old time "Glass Wax". I just might use it on all my windows. Thank you!


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