Wood Cabinet Cleaner & Polish Aerosol


Made with five nourishing, beauty-enhancing oils, Weiman Cabinet Cleaner & Polish Aerosol protects against watermarks, stains and sun damage without waxes or silicone. Plus, it reduces the appearance of scratches while magnifying natural luster.

Weiman Wood Cabinet Cleaner & Polish is specially formulated with five natural oils that clean, condition, restore and protect wood paneling and cabinets. It gives wood a deep, rich luster that enhances the natural wood grain.

  • Removes harmful dirt, dust, grime & smoke residue
  • UVX-15 sunscreen prevents drying, fading & discoloration
  • Protects wood from watermarks, stains & aging
  • No silicone or wax

Recommended for: Wood surfaces including cabinets, panels, doors, trim, tables, chairs, office/bedroom furniture & antique wood furniture.

Size: 12 fl oz

Shake well before using.

  1. Apply to a clean, soft cloth then wipe surface with moistened cloth.
  2. Buff with a clean, soft cloth to shine.
Is this the same product as Weiman Panel Bright?

This product has a different formula, but is comparable.

Will this product leave streaks?

No, it is formulated to not leave any streaks or residue on the surface and is meant to be buffed to a shine.

How long does this product take to dry?

There is no need to wait for this product to dry, simply buff it in and enjoy the streak-free shine.

Can this be used on wood floors or stairs?

No, this product contains oil which could make the floor slippery.

What is the fragrance of this product?

This product has a honey almond scent.

Can I use this on old or antique cabinets?

Yes, this product is great at restoring the shine of old or antique cabinetry.

Does this product contain waxes or silicones?

This product does not contain waxes or silicones, unlike many other furniture polishes, which means it won’t build-up on the surface.

How often should I use this product?

This product can be used for regular cleaning without build-up, and we would recommend using it at least 1-2 times per month to keep your furniture polished and protected.

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