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Hardwood Floor

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  1. Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner
    Hardwood Floor Cleaner

    An all-natural, eco-friendly formula that flawlessly cleans floors.

  2. Hardwood Floor Polish & Restorer
    Hardwood Floor High Traffic Polish & Restorer

    Restore, polish, and protect your hardwood floors.

  3. Wood Floor Cleaning Wipes
    Wood Floor Wipes

    For quick clean-ups with a wood specialty product.

  4. Weiman Hardwood Floor Polish
    Hardwood Floor Polish

    Professional-strength, eco-friendly polish and protection for your floors.

  5. Wood Furniture & Floors Care Kit
    Wood Furniture & Floors Care Kit

    This bundle contains everything you need for pristine looking wood furniture & hardwood floors.

    $41.60 Regular Price $43.95
  6. Housewarming Bundle
    Housewarming Bundle

    The perfect housewarming bundle! Includes everything needed to make a house into a radiant home. Includes cleaners & polishes for stainless steel, granite, leather, furniture & wood floors.

    $37.98 Regular Price $39.45
  7. Hardwood floor cleaning kit
    Wood Floor Care Kit

    Do more than just clean your hardwood floors, beautify them with this Wood Floor Care Kit. It even includes a product perfect for baseboards.

    $33.59 Regular Price $35.46
  8. Hardwood & Stone Floor Care Kit
    Hardwood & Stone Floor Care Kit

    You expect your floors to look their best and this kit delivers. Includes cleaners for stone, laminate, and hardwood floors as well as a polish for hardwood.

    $44.06 Regular Price $45.95
  9. Granite, Stainless & Hardwood Kit
    Granite, Stainless & Hardwood Cleaning Kit

    Have hardwood floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances? Then this is the perfect cleaning kit for you!

    $36.00 Regular Price $37.95
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How to

Clean & Maintain Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors give a timeless, natural look to any home. Over time these floors take abuse as they are exposed to tracked in dirt and grime and constant wear and tear from pets and children. Luckily, the below video shows you an easy way to resist & cover scratches.

To learn more about cleaning and maintaining hardwood throughout the life of your home, read the entire how-to article.

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