Tarnish Remover

Instantly restore tarnished silver and copper with Weiman Tarnish Remover. This powerful formula only takes seconds to make your metal pieces shine like new.

Product Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to thiourea, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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Instant Tarnish Remover
Instant Tarnish Remover Brilliant Remove tarnish and renew shine Use on silver and copper

Weiman Instant Tarnish Remover restores the natural beauty of discolored, heavily tarnished silver and copper. To achieve a brilliant shine and inhibit further tarnishing after using this product, polish with Weiman Silver Polish or Wright's Brass Polish.

Size: 16 fl oz

Shake before use. Wear rubber gloves.

  1. For small items, pour into a non-metal container and submerge tarnished items for 3-5 seconds.
  2. For larger items, hold item over a glass or ceramic sink and pour evenly over tarnished areas or pour onto a sponge or cotton cloth and apply to tarnished areas.
  3. After removing tarnish, wash item with soap & water.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry to avoid spotting.

For extremely heavy tarnish, more than one application may be needed.

Do not use on stainless steel (including blades of dinner knives), gold, aluminum, brass, chrome, lacquered surfaces, pearls, costume jewelry or gem stones. Do not use on antique silver or intentionally oxidized patterns. Avoid getting this product on wood, Formica® Brand or inside holloware if it cannot be dried.

What metal surfaces can I use this on?

Silver and copper. Do not use on antique, designed or plated metals.

Can I use this product on surfaces which come in contact with food?

You will need to wash the surface with hot, soapy water before allowing the surface to come in contact with food.

How often should I use this product?

As needed. This product will remove unwanted tarnish.

What is the fragrance of this product?

This product has a floral scent.

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