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  1. Weiman Leather Wipes
    Leather Wipes

    Clean, condition, and protect shoes, accessories, car interiors and more with these convenient wipes.

    7.99 $7.99
  2. Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
    Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Spray

    Perfect for restoring luster to large pieces, such as furniture and car interiors.

    6.99 $6.99
  3. Leather Car Cleaning Kit
    Leather Home & Car Care Kit

    Leather is luxurious and beautiful. Keep it looking it's best with the Weiman Leather Home & Car Care Kit.

    35 $35.00 Regular Price 36.95 $36.95
  4. Leather & Wood Furniture Cleaning Kit
    Leather & Wood Furniture Care Kit

    The furniture in your home will shine after cleaning with the Leather & Wood Furniture Care Kit. Plus, it will help your furniture last longer.

    37.99 $37.99 Regular Price 38.95 $38.95
  5. Car Care Kit
    Car Care Kit

    If you care about the appearance and smell of your vehicle, then you need the Car Care Kit. Includes odor eliminator, Goo Gone for Cars and leather interior cleaner & conditioner.

    As low as 43.98 $43.98 Regular Price 45.94 $45.94

  6. Wipes variety pack
    Cleaning Wipes Variety Pack

    Clean, shine and protect your most prized surfaces with this excellent wipes variety pack. Includes cleaning wipes for stainless steel, granite, leather, furniture and stove tops.

    37.48 $37.48 Regular Price 39.45 $39.45
  7. Housewarming Bundle
    Housewarming Bundle

    The perfect housewarming bundle! Includes everything needed to make a house into a radiant home. Includes cleaners & polishes for stainless steel, granite, leather, furniture & wood floors.

    37.98 $37.98 Regular Price 39.45 $39.45
  8. Car Detailing Kit from Goo Gone
    Car Detailing Kit

    The devil is in the details and for your car to look best you need to take care of the little things. Keep your leather shining, your car free of sap and ensure there's a fresh scent anytime someone steps into your car with the Car Detailing Kit.

    37.45 $37.45
  9. Brass and Leather Care Kit
    Brass & Leather Care Kit

    Now, you can keep both leather and brass shining with our Brass & Leather Care Kit.

    37.05 $37.05 Regular Price 38.95 $38.95
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How to

Care for Leather

Leather adds beauty and warmth to any home. Versatile, durable and luxurious, it perfectly compliments clothing, accessories, furniture and even auto interiors. But caring for and extending the life of leather requires proper maintenance with quality products. Learn more and see all our leather care instructions.

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