Weiman's Complete Guide to Leather Care

Leather Fashion

Everyone has their method of incorporating leather into a look. Whether being covered head-to-toe or integrating leather separates to their wardrobe, one thing is certain: leather remains a popular mainstay. Leather continues to be a sought-after material for its resistance to tearing, flexing, and puncture. It’s taken the fashion world by storm with its versatility, durability, and luxuriousness, and it has become available in every cut, color, and texture imaginable. Leather has the power to add beauty, warmth, and lavish to any wardrobe. However, caring for leather and extending its life has been overlooked by many fashionistas. Learn how Weiman’s premium leather care products make it easy to safely clean, condition, and protect your favorite leather pieces all in one step.


Leather Boots & Shoes

Leather footwear should be cleaned regularly with a soft shoe brush or specialized leather product, to remove stuck-on dirt and debris. On average, it’s recommended to polish your leather shoes once a week, depending on shoe usage. Weiman Leather Conditioning Wipes are formulated with natural conditioners that instantly revitalize leather while restoring its suppleness and sheen. So, they can help improve the lifespan of your shoes by safely removing dirt, soil, and residue.

Experts recommend that leather shoes be conditioned as frequently as every month to only twice a year, depending on usage. Luckily, the Weiman Leather Conditioning Cream is specially formulated to clean, condition, and protect leather while restoring it to its original texture and sheen. This deep leather conditioning cream will help prevent your leather shoes from drying out and will not damage or darken finished leather.

Leather Purses and Briefcases

Leather purses should be conditioned twice a year, depending on usage. It’s important to dust, clean, and condition purses to prevent the leather from drying out. To clean and condition a detailed leather purse, we recommend Weiman Leather Conditioning Wipes which allow for a meticulous clean without leaving a sticky residue behind.

For larger leather handbags/briefcases, we recommend Weiman Leather Conditioner Spray because it restores suppleness while moisturizing with natural conditioners. To extend the lifespan of your leather handbags, it’s important to remember to condition it. Remember to not overpack your handbags with your go-to items to not overstretch the leather. Once the leather has been overstretched it cannot go back to its original state.

Leather Car Interiors

Leather car seats require care to prevent fading and cracking from sun exposure. It’s important to clean loose debris and dirt with a microfiber cloth or leather wipe. For a quick dusting, we recommend Weiman Leather Conditioning Wipes, as they are formulated to safely remove dirt, soil, and residue. The wipes will provide protection against cracking due to heat and protect against sun exposure.

To remove gunk and buildup on leather car seats, the Weiman Leather Conditioner Spray will do the trick. The Weiman Leather Conditioner Spray will provide an easier way to clean large surfaces while gently getting rid of the dirt and grime.

On average, leather car interiors should be conditioned every two months. Cars spend an extensive period under the sun, which usually leads to the leather drying out and cracking. It’s vital that leather car interiors receive the proper deep conditioning treatment to maintain the original texture and sheen of the leather. Weiman Leather Conditioning Cream is a multi-action formula that moisturizes and nourishes leather without leaving a stick residue behind and will not darken or damage finished leather.

Leather Coats and Jackets

The regular staple-moto leather jacket - should be cleaned habitually after wear. To help remove dirt, soil, and residue, we recommend our Weiman Leather Conditioning Wipes. Its multi-action formula restores leather to its original sheen while helping to extend the lifespan of the leather. It’s best practice to condition leather jackets twice a year with Weiman Leather Conditioning Cream. The Weiman Conditioning Cream will moisturize and nourish the leather, repairing scuffs while keeping this timeless piece intact for years to come.

Leather Furniture

Cleaning leather furniture can sound intimidating to most. An easy method to preserve leather furniture is to work its maintenance into your weekly cleaning schedule. All leather furniture needs to be dusted regularly to remove stuck-on dirt and debris.

Both Weiman Leather Conditioning Wipes and Weiman Leather Conditioner Spray tend to be our customer favorites. They both do the trick of cleaning and conditioning in one step. They also both contain natural conditioners that will condition the leather, restoring its suppleness and sheen, while providing UV protection. It's recommended to deep condition leather furniture twice a year. To prevent leather from drying out or cracking, Weiman Leather Conditioning Cream is the answer. This 3-in-1 Conditioning Cream will clean, condition, and protect to provide moisture and nourishment to all leather furniture.

Leather Accessories: Belts, Gloves and Watches

Leather gloves should be cleaned and conditioned to prevent them from becoming stiff. It’s recommended to clean leather gloves regularly after wear, and we highly suggest conditioning them during the winter season. To deep condition worn leather gloves, Weiman Leather Conditioning Cream will do them justice by restoring their texture, color, sheen, and suppleness.

Leather belts and watch bands should be cared for by cleaning and conditioning as needed. For smaller accessories, Weiman Leather Wipes will do the trick -they clean and condition all in one step. Remember, it's important to not pull and overstretch leather accessories as the leather cannot be repaired.

Leather Clothing: Dresses and Skirts

How to Wash Leather

Finished leather items can be gently washed by hand, but never placed in a washing machine. We highly recommend using Weiman Leather Wipes to clean and condition any dust or scuffs from the leather. Always test an inconspicuous area before use. Wipe the surface with the leather wipe, then buff with a clean, soft cloth to achieve a natural sheen.

Suede Leather Vs. Nubuck Leather

It's important to understand the difference between suede leather and nubuck leather, to provide the proper treatment. Suede leather is mostly recognized by its fuzzy appearance and made from the inner layer of an animal skin, most commonly from lambs.

Nubuck leather is recognized by its velvet-like surface and made by a calfskin outer layer being buffed down. It’s important to understand the difference between leathers to extend their lifespan by properly taking care of them. Weiman Leather products cannot be used on suede leather or nubuck leather. Weiman Leather products are only meant to be used for smooth finished leather surfaces.

Spot-Treating Leather

The best advice for limiting stains is to clean up spills immediately—blot with a clean, dry cloth rather than wiping, which can spread the stain. Then, leave the spot alone, allowing residue to dissipate into the leather. For stains that appear too difficult to treat, consult the manufacturer, or a leather care professional for cleaning instructions.

Restoring Leather

Restoring leather begins with some do’s and dont’s:

DO always test leather products on an inconspicuous area before use

DON'T spray directly onto leather, always apply onto a microfiber cloth

DO allow wet leather to air dry at room temperature

DON'T use intense heat or artificial heat to accelerate drying as it can cause leather damage and cracking


Always test products on an inconspicuous area before use. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions, especially for dyed leather. Do not use Weiman Leather Care products on suede, nubuck, Natuzzi® brand, or any unfinished leather surfaces.



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