Four Steps for Removing Food from Glass Stove Tops

Do you love your glass cooktop as much as we do? From the streamlined look it gives our kitchen to the way it evenly heats our food, glass stovetops are winners for a reason. 

But even the tidiest of chefs can make a mess. We certainly do. It’s easy to forget to wipe down the stovetop after a satisfying meal — especially when a post-meal nap is in the cards. While the cooktop’s flat heating surface keeps food from splattering into burners like it might on a gas or coil range, it can sometimes feel like glass cooktops are destined to be messy.

Don’t fret. Cleaning your glass stovetop doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ll walk you through a few of our favorite Weiman Products that we use at home on a regular basis to keep our kitchen looking its best.

Why Weiman? Unlike other multi-purpose cleaners, Weiman Products use specific formulas to keep glass cooktops free from scratches and looking brand new. We don’t mess around when it comes to our kitchen investments, and you shouldn’t either.


As an all-in-one pad, Weiman Cook Top Eraser Pads remove the toughest burned on foods from your cooktop. Weiman specifically designed these pads to be scratch-free and incredibly easy to use. These pads absorb the mess and don’t leave any residue behind. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Wait for surface to cool.
  2. Wet the pad with water and scrub the surface clean.
  3. Buff with paper towel to shine.
  4. If using on a food contact surface, rinse with water after use.

That’s it. It’s that easy. We recommend using a fresh pad every time you clean.


Get off on the right foot with your new glass stovetop and use Weiman Complete Cooktop Care Kit. It includes everything you need to keep your stovetop looking and working its best. The bundle includes Weiman Daily CleanerGlass Cook Top Polish, a razor scraper for removing burned food, cooktop scrubbing pads for deep cleaning and a scrubbing pad handle to make scrubbing easier.

For a true deep clean, we use the razor scraper to remove stubborn sugary foods such as tomato sauce. Then we polish to shine and rinse. Keeping your glass cooktop pristine is easier than you think.

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