How to Freshen Up Your Home For Summer


Karen Snyder is the founder of Sanctuary Home Decor, where she chronicles everything from home décor, her family adventures, entertaining, and gardening tricks. For a daily dose of floral designs and family fun, follow her on Instagram at @sanctuaryhomedecor

Summer is the busiest time of year at our ranch, with lots of friends and family coming to visit and take in the beauty of Montana. Each year I spend 2-3 days cleaning and freshening up our indoor and outdoor spaces in anticipation of our first guest’s arrival and I always rely on Weiman for the easiest and best results!

Our kitchen gets a lot of use over the summer, so I need a simple way to keep it fresh and clean. Weiman Granite and Stone Disinfecting Wipes are the perfect product to keep handy for daily wipe downs on our marble countertops. After food prep or mealtime, I give my countertops a quick wipe down to deal with messes and am left with shiny, beautiful, germ-free countertops. 

I often only need one wipe for my entire center island, which is the most used space in my kitchen. I love that Weiman Granite and Stone Wipes also disinfect my countertops keeping them safe and clean for my family and friends.

The commercial range in our kitchen is a joy to cook on, but not as much fun to clean! And because the range hood is a centerpiece feature in our kitchen, I want it to sparkle but don’t have time to always deep clean after I cook, so Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes solved that problem for me! With one wipe I am able to return my range hood to its original shine in just minutes. That means less time cleaning and more time enjoying summer activities! 

I also want my smaller stainless steel appliances to look great and the Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes help to repel fingerprints so they are my go to product for cleaning. I use them 2-3 times a week and I am amazed at how effective they are at keeping those grimy fingerprints off.

After I clean my countertops and appliances, I like to give my cabinets a refresh with Weiman Cabinet & Wood Cleaner. A quick spray on a dry cloth and then a wipe down on all of my cabinets keeps my kitchen looking fresh and bright.

For my outdoor porch, I decorate as if I’m decorating an indoor room.  I use decorative pillows on our sofas and “nap bed” which gets a lot of use in the warmer months. I add some fun pops of color and beautiful patterns to create a welcoming environment. 

I also like to create a long-lasting centerpiece for our outdoor dining table. This year I used a vintage dough bowl filled with greenery and moss-covered spheres. This is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to an outdoor table in just minutes!

With the help of Weiman, I am able to get our home guest ready and keep it clean throughout the summer. I rely on the entire line of Weiman Products for quick daily cleaning as well as my regular weekly cleaning routine to keep my home fresh and bright throughout the summer







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