How to Remove Stains from Granite

The most popular place to spend time in a home is inthe kitchen, according to a UCLA-backed study. Does that sound familiar?

Eating and food prep are huge parts of our lives, and because of that, a mess in the kitchen occasionally erupts—hello, greasy granite countertops!

But that’s OK. Take a deep breath. We’re here to help you clean and protect your granite and stone countertops.

Are you struggling to clean granite?

Your granite countertops are an investment and should help highlight your kitchen.

Yet despite obvious strengths, granite countertops can be more delicate than some synthetic countertops. That’s because natural stone is porous and moisture can seep in as sealant wears down over time such as a ring from a coffee cup or grease from cooking oil.

Two Granite Problems to Know About

These are two common issues with granite: staining and etching. To best care for your granite, you’ll need to identify one from the other.

  • Etching is a reaction to an acidic or alkaline substance on stone. Etching causeslighter discoloration.
  • Staining occurs when a substance is absorbed into the pores of the stone. Stains are always darker in appearance thanetches.

Getting Stains Out of Granite

We created Weiman Granite & Stone Stain Remover to take the headache out of removing stains from granite and stone. Our formula is specifically designed to protect and maintain your stone surfaces for years. You can:

  • Safely remove stains from granite including food, coffee, red wine, ink, mildew, oil stains and more

  • Lift and absorb the stain from thestone, no scrubbing required

  • Use iton granite, marble, limestone, slate, travertine, terra cotta, soapstone, flagstone, concrete and all other natural stones.

How to Remove Stains

Here are a few simple steps to followusing Weiman Granite & Stone Stain Remover:

  1. Clean stained area

  2. Cover the entire stain with a layer of Weiman Granite & Stone Stain Remover

  3. Leave in place for 24 hours or until the product is dry

  4. Gently remove the dried paste with a plastic scraper

  5. Reclean area

Stubborn stains might take a few cycles. And it’s important to notethat stone may temporarily appear darker for a few days due to water absorption. It will return to its normal color in 24-48 hours.

That’s it. Keeping your stone countertops have never been easier. Weiman Granite & Stone Stain Remover is ready to use and contains zero bleach. Now go ahead and make a mess in the kitchen.

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