Weiman's Post Thanksgiving Kitchen Cleanup

Turkey takes center stage at Thanksgiving, but there’s nothing quite like a massive spread of scrumptious sides. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Macaroni and cheese. Sweet potatoes. You name it, we want it.

But when families and friends get together for a huge feast, it often leads to some spills and stains for the hosting family. To celebrate all those gracious Thanksgiving hosts out there, we wanted to share a few of our favorite kitchen cleaning tips to keep you thankful for entertaining rather than regretful.

Before you cook: Getting ready to create some delicious Thanksgiving grub? A big spread means you’ll need a lot of surface space, so it’s always a good idea to clean your kitchen countertops before you start to cook. Weiman Granite & Stone Disinfectant Trigger is the perfect companion for marble and granite countertops. The new formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs in 10 minutes, keeping your cooking area safe, clean and looking great.

It’s all gravy, baby. When it comes to Thanksgiving stains, gravy is Enemy No. 1 (unless Aunt Karen is around, then it’s wine). A combination of fats and proteins means gravy is a tough stain to beat. It’s oily and splatters easily, making your stovetop an easy mark to look like a Jackson Pollack painting. Fortunately, there are two products we love for stovetops and both are incredibly easy to use: Weiman Gas Range Cleaner & Degreaser and Weiman Cook Top Daily Cleaner. Both products penetrate and loosen tough grease and burned-on foods. The Weiman Gas Range Cleaner is suitable for all gas stove tops. It even works on drip pans, grates, gas BBQ grill grates, and ceramic, glass or metal bakeware (including Pyrex®). The Weiman Cook Top Daily Cleaner offers a scratch-free formula and is perfect for glass stovetops. See you later, caked-on gravy.

Cranberry Sauced. Delicious but dangerous, when cranberry sauce falls on your carpet, it’s best to gently scoop up any berries with a spoon while doing your best to avoid rubbing it into the fabric. For tough stains pressed into carpeting, we highly recommend using Bac-Out Stain + Odor Remover. We’re always amazed at how well it breaks down and removes tough stains.

Smudges on Stainless Steel. With so much going on in the kitchen, it should come as no surprise when smudges appear on stainless steel appliances. Busy hands tend to leave plenty of fingerprint smudges. But don’t fret. It’s easy to get rid of smudges and even resist future fingerprints with Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes. They are designed to resist fingerprints, watermarks and grease while repelling dust and dirt. The streak-free shine will also help give your kitchen that showroom finish to impress the in-laws.

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