Properly Cleaning Stone Floors

Stone floors are natural and stunning in any home. They’re perfect for warm climates with a mix of patterns and colors to match almost any home. But maintaining the beauty of stone floors, especially light colors, is a challenge.

As dirt, dust, mud and more get tracked onto your floor; you need a cleaner that can keep up. Weiman Stone & Tile Cleaner helps you clean, shine and protect the stone floors throughout your home.

Cleaning Stone & Laminate Floors

Instantly clean and restore floors to their original shine with Weiman Stone & Tile Cleaner.

How to use Weiman Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner:
  1. Remove debris from stone, tile or laminate floor by sweeping or vacuuming
  2. Spray a generous amount of Weiman Stone & Tile Cleaner directly onto the floor
  3. Spread evenly with a clean, mop dampened with water
  4. Allow 10-15 minutes for floor to dry
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