How to Clean & Maintain Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors give a timeless, natural look to any home. Over time these floors take abuse as they are exposed to tracked in dirt and grime and constant wear and tear from pets and children. Keeping hardwood looking it’s best is hard, but there are easy solutions.

Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Polishing products help you safely clean, beautify and prevent against future damage.

Quick Cleaning

Use a hardwood specific cleaner to safely clean wood floors and remove everyday messes. We recommend Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner & a microfiber mop dampened with water.

Shine and Polish

Cleaning is great for day-to-day messes, but approximately every four months you should polish hardwood to maintain the pristine shine. This is especially true in high-traffic areas which dull more quickly.

That’s why we formulated Weiman Hardwood Floor High-Traffic Polish & Restorer to not only add a glossy shine but also prevent scratches.

Filling Scratches and Gouges

Weiman’s Hardwood Polish & Restorer product can fill in & cover up small scratches. But, for larger scratches or gouges, you need Weiman Wood Floor Repair Kit. Use the filler sticks (crayons) to fill the large scratches level with the floor and touch markers to color smaller scratches. There’s no need for expensive repairs with this quick-fix.

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