As a growing number of people are skipping the office to work from home, families are spending more time than ever inside their residence. Cue the home remodeling industry, which continues to boom across the country. From bathroom renovations to backyard projects, many people are looking to turn their home into a relaxing oasis. One of the most popular home renovations is a new kitchen, which often starts with sleek appliances such as a glass or ceramic stovetop.

At Weiman, we’re experts at keeping appliances in pristine condition. It’s always a good idea to use surface-specific products on stovetops. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Harsh chemicals can cause surface damage

People often ask, “Can I use Windex on my glass or ceramic stovetop?” We don’t recommend it. Glass cleaners contain ammonia and can lead to permanent stains and streaks on stove cooktops. It might seem like an easy clean, but ammonia is too strong of a chemical to consistently use on glass and ceramic cooktops.

Another mishap to avoid is using a household sponge or steel wool scrubber to clean crusty food. While most people know to avoid using a wool scrubber on glass or ceramic, it’s still a common mistake to use household sponges to clean glass stovetops. These sponges can be abrasive and cause permanent scratches that impact the longevity of your stovetop. A better, worry-free way to scrub your cooktop is with Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pads. It can eliminate the toughest burnt food and is specifically designed to make cleaning your stovetop easier.

2. Increase the longevity

Glass and ceramic stovetops aren’t cheap. Surface-specific cleaners like Weiman’s Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner & Polish offer a scratch-free formula that cuts through burnt food, grease and grime with ease to protect your hefty investment.

Other household cleaners carry harsh chemicals that can alter the appearance of your stovetop over a long period of time. When you use a surface-specific cleaner like Weiman, you’ll improve the lifespan of your cooktop.

3. DIY Cleaners vs. Surface-specific cleaners

We love a good DIY project, but when it comes to cleaning your stovetop, it’s not necessarily a good idea to make your own cleaning solution. Stovetops can reach 400-plus degrees Fahrenheit and who knows how your solution will react to the heat.

At Weiman, we vigorously test all our products to give you peace of mind. Your premium surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly and safely.

One of our favorite stovetop bundles is Weiman’s Complete Cooktop Care Kit. It’s everything you need to keep your glass cooktop shining and clean. It includes Weiman Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner & Polish, a razor scraper for removing burned-on food, seven cooktop scrubbing pads for deep cleaning and a scrubbing pad handle to make scrubbing easier.

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