Safe Summer Entertaining with Weiman


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As the weather warms up and stay at home orders loosen up, I started thinking how I could entertain a few people while being as safe as possible. During quarantine we started a fun home project of redoing our deck so we could enjoy more meals outside during the summer. I also thought this would be the perfect way to entertain while still keeping social distancing top of mind! My main concern in entertaining would be how to prepare and clean before my guests arrived and after they left. I wanted everyone to feel that we were doing our best to keep everyone safe. I started researching cleaning products and I found Weiman and their assortment. I was so excited to find their Granite and Stone Cleaner, Hardwood Floor solution, and Stainless Steel Cleaner! I decided to give them a try in preparation for my first deck get together.

We used the Weiman Granite and Stone Daily Clean & Shine with Disinfectant on my natural stone table, it gave the table top a beautiful shine. It made me feel good that it also disinfects at 99% which makes me feel at ease knowing it will be killing any bacteria or viruses on my tables and countertops! I invited my sister, her husband, and my nephew over last weekend for dinner - we ordered takeout food from one of our favorite restaurants, had a bottle of wine for each couple, and disposable plates and cups. This was the best way to ensure we weren't passing around any germs to each other! We were able to sit at a comfortable distance around our outdoor table and talked for hours. It was so nice to finally socialize and be able to see some of my family.My nephew has grown so much in the last 3 months, I realized how much I had truly missed him. We are excited to be able to open our outdoor area to a few more family and friends knowing we are doing our best to disinfect our surfaces.

My other concern in entertaining was guests using our bathroom, so I dedicated our downstairs bathroom as the "guest" bathroom. We spent a lot of time cleaning it before and after but having a designated place for people that is not in our main living area was extremely helpful. Besides social distance entertaining, I was happy to finally find the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Spray and their microfiber cloth. Fingerprints on my dishwasher, fridge, and oven drive me crazy! But with this spray and cloth they come off in an instant.

Also, with a toddler running around we are constantly vacuuming and mopping up her messes and making sure the floor is clean enough for her to roll around on. I swapped out my typical spray for Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner which made my floors shine. We are excited to continue to clean our house with Weiman Products!

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