Cabinet & Wood Clean & Shine Spray


Weiman Cabinet & Wood Clean & Shine cleans and restores shine to your cabinets and wood furniture.

Recommended for: All finished wood surfaces including tables, chairs, office/bedroom furniture, antique wood furniture, cabinets, wall paneling, doors, trim, baseboards and painted wood surfaces.

  • Safely removes dirt, soil and residue
  • Restores natural beauty
  • Protective formula guards against water marks, dirt and grime
  1. Shake well and test on an inconspicuous area before use. 
  2. Turn nozzle to ON position and spray lightly onto surface or a soft, clean, dry cotton cloth. 
  3. Wipe immediately.

Do not use on floors.

My sprayer is not working what can I do to get it to work?

Slowly pull the trigger all the way back then release. This may take 5-10 times in a row slowly (without force) to get the sprayer to work. If you are still having trouble please reach out to our customer service team.

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