Cook Top Max

Weiman Cook Top Max uses Micro-Bead Technology to give you extra scrubbing power without scratches. It safely removes even the worst, burned-on messes. And it even comes with a multi-action scrubbing pad.

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Weiman Cook Top MAX is specially formulated with Advanced Micro-Bead Technology to easily remove burned-on food, grease and watermarks, leaving glass sparkling. Micro-Beads provide extra scrubbing power to cut through the toughest burned-on foods. They are guaranteed not to scratch. Cook Top MAX also contains glass protectants to maintain the cooking effectiveness of the glass cooktop surface.

Recommended for: All major cooktop manufacturers

Size: 9 fl oz with cleaning pad

Allow surface to cool completely before cleaning.

  1. Moisten the enclosed scrubbing pad then rub in Cook Top MAX until paste adheres to the pad.
  2. Apply Cook Top MAX to glass cooktop using the scrubbing pad and rub it in a circular motion until soil is removed.
  3. Using a clean, moist cloth or paper towel, remove the leftover paste for a streak-free shine.
  4. Rinse scrubbing pad and let it air dry
What is the difference between Cook Top Max product and other Weiman Cook Top Cleaners?

Weiman Cook Top Max is specially formulated with micro-beads for additional scrubbing power and comes with a scrubbing pad for maximum scratch-free food removal.

Can I use this to remove burned-on food (especially sugary foods) from my cooktop?

Yes, this product is excellent for removing burned-on or sugary foods from a cooktop. The scrubbing pad which comes with Cook Top Max removes tough soil without scratching the surface.

Will this product remove scratches?

No, if there are already scratches present in your cooktop, contact the manufacturer for scratch removal instructions. Please note that our products do not scratch.

What is the fragrance of this product?

This product has a lemon scent.

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